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It is important to closely follow the doctor's instructions as to what can and cannot be eaten the morning of surgery. In most cases, the doctor will ask that you eat nothing after midnight. However, in some cases, you may have dry toast and "clear fluids" before 7a.m. Coffee, some fruit juices, and water would be considered "clear liquids". However, orange juice, tomato juice, and milk products would not. If you are taking prescription medications on a daily basis, be sure to ask the doctor if you should take your medication the morning of surgery. This varies on an individual to individual basis based upon the medication and your personal medical history as well as the procedure you are having.

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Plan to wear something that buttons or zips down the front - not something that pulls over the head. Many find a jogging suit ideal. Dress as casual as you desire. It is best to leave all jewelry at home, as it cannot be worn into surgery. Be sure to bring your medication with you, especially ones that you take on a daily basis.

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Patients use our private Aesthetic Surgery entrance which is away from the general office traffic. Security and privacy are emphasized. Ring the telephone intercom system to gain entrance. A family member or friends that you identify may use this same access method later to visit you.

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Our staff will review with you and your family your schedule and answer any questions you might have. Our staff assures that your caretakers are familiar with your post-operative care instructions and answer any questions they have so that they are comfortable caring for you after your surgery.

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Although your family is welcome to wait in our Reception Area, most prefer to leave and return following surgery. The doctor will call your family member or significant other following surgery if you desire.

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You will then be taken to your private suite. You will wash your face with special antibiotic soaps and change into special gowns and robes.

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Our facility has many of the amenities you would expect in a fine hotel. Our satellite video system allows you to keep abreast of the latest business news, view current movies, or be entertained by a variety of other programs. Or, you may prefer to simply relax and listen to stereophonic music. Telephone calls can be directed to you after surgery, but we recommend limiting contact in order to maximize your rest and recovery.

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Prior to surgery, the doctor will discuss with you any questions you might have and review events for the day.

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