Videos - Presurgical

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You are removed to the Recovery Suite when you are more alert. Some may even go directly there from surgery - do not be concerned. The anesthesiologist and your doctor determine when you go to the Recovery Suite based on the type of procedure and anesthesia that you have had.

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While in Recovery, you will be closely monitored by our staff using the most sophisticated medical monitoring equipment.

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Blood pressure cuff will be on your arm and will periodically tighten momentarily to record your blood pressure. Electrodes placed on your chest during surgery constantly display your EKG tracing and a special electrode on your finger records blood oxygen levels. All this information is through a telemetry system so that we are constantly monitoring your status.

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Frequently following surgery, your doctor may want you to receive supplemental oxygen either by a mask or by a nasal cannula.

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After surgery, your intravenous line placed at surgery will remain in your arm. This is so that we may give you medications through the IV and avoid the discomfort of injection.

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A special computerized machine administers your pain medication through your IV. You simply press the gray button when you have pain.

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You need not be afraid of your IV. It is secure and you can move your arm and hand freely. However, if you need to get up to go to the bathroom or desire to sit in a chair, please call the nurse to assist you.

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The nursing call button is activated by pressing the beige button. A special microphone in the ceiling allows immediate communication between you and the nursing station. Our bathrooms are specially equipped with call systems so that you can even call the nurse while in the bathroom simply by activating the call system.

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During your stay our nurses will respond to your every need. If your post-operative care dictates, cold compresses will be continuously applied by our staff. Usually ice water soaked compresses are utilized because they contour well and help to minimize bruising.

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Some patients may feel cold after surgery. If this occurs, special warming units are utilized to ensure your comfort.

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The morning following surgery, our staff will assist you in showering and instruct you in proper care of your incisions as well as reviewing you your post operative instructions.

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It is important to bring clothing that buttons or zips up the front so you do not have to pull a shirt, blouse, or sweater over your head.

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They will review with both you and your caregiver how to care for you following the surgery so you are both comfortable with what needs to be done and when.

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Your caregiver will then be asked to move their car to entrance "D" at the rear of the building. Then you will discretely be released from the recovery care suite.

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For your initial post-operative visits, you may wish to use our private entrance at door "B". You can park on the side, which allows you to discretely come and go, avoiding our main reception area.

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At your post-surgical visits, our staff will instruct you in makeup application and techniques to camouflage bruising and swelling which can occur during the early recovery period. We will also provide you with videotapes covering the same information, which you can use at home.

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