Move over Botox, Make room for Dysport

DysportMove over Botox. Make room for Dysport, a newly approved Botox alternative.

Dysport is so similar to Botox that many people refer to is as Botox's twin or first cousin. This new “wrinkle relaxer” has recently been approved by the FDA to treat forehead wrinkles and frown lines in the U.S. However, it has been used to treat neurological disorders outside the United States for more than 15 years and 23 countries have approved it to treat facial wrinkles. Until the introduction of Dysport, Botox was the only medication approved for the treatment of facial wrinkling and it has become the most common cosmetic treatment performed in the United States with over 2.8 million treatments performed in 2008.

Like Botox Cosmetic, Dysport is an injectable form of botulinum toxin Type A. Exactly how the two wrinkle-relaxers differ is not fully understood. Initial reports suggest that Dysport may act quicker. Botox commonly takes three to five days to work, while Dysport seems to work within one to two days. In some cases, wrinkles begin to fade as soon as 24 hours after receiving Dysport treatment. This rapid response could be the deciding factor for a woman or man looking to improve their appearance before a big social event or meeting.

Some studies have shown that Dysport injections may reduce wrinkles for six months, as opposed to the approximate three to four month timeframe commonly associated with Botox.

There may be some downsides to Dysport. Botox manufacturer Allergan points out that Dysport may be more likely to cause antibody formation which would neutralize the medication and preventing it from working. However, there are not current studies on this and time will tell.

“We have had great results with Botox and have been very impressed with the early results our patients are obtaining with Dysport,” states Dr. Rania Agha. “

Dysport can be safely and painlessly injected directly in a specific muscle to relax that muscle temporarily. This treatment has been used for many years for the treatment of nervous tics and strabismus (lazy eyes). The treatment of frown lines, crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, and the neck folds can be treated with either with Botox or Dysport. Dysport is administered with a tiny needle. After the injection, the muscle is temporarily relaxed, thus, stopping the ability of the muscle to shorten and allowing the wrinkle lines to gradually disappear. This can help prevent future wrinkling of the skin. Dysport can also help get rid of the angry expression that we get when we wrinkle our brows. Although Dysport is temporary, it can help train you to not use these muscles as often, therefore, "curing" you of the habit of wrinkling the brow. Everyone is different, but in most patients the effects last several months.

The injections are painless in most of people, but we do use a topical anesthesia for anyone who desires. It is usually applied for 10-15 minutes prior to treatment. Bruising is rare, but care occur. It is more common around the area of the crow's feet. Ice packs can be applied after the procedure to decrease the chance of bruising. Use of Vitamin E, green tea, Coumadin, ibuprofen (Advil), Motrin, or aspirin will increase the incidence of bruising and it is best to stop them several days prior to treatment if possible.

Once the Dysport has been injected, it takes 48 - 72 hours for the maximum effects to be apparent.

After the injections, you can return to work or any social commitment immediately. You should move the muscles as much as possible during the first four hours after treatment so that Dysport can" discover" the muscles and have a stronger effect.

If you would like to have a treatment or evaluation for either Dysport or Botox, please call 317-846-0846 and will be happy to schedule a time that works for your schedule. We feel that to obtain the best results, treatment needs to be by someone with knowledge of the anatomy and physiology the treatment area and the clinical experience and expertise in performing these injections. That is why our Dysport and Botox treatments are performed by Dr. Agha or Dr Beeson.