Purpose (indications)

  • sagging jowls
  • deepening smile lines
  • sagging or down turning at corners of the mouth

What It Does

  • provides "rested" look
  • supports muscles
  • removes excess skin


  • small incision hidden in skin crease in front of ear
  • dissolvable sutures used
  • supporting muscles provides for longer lasting result and more natural appearance
  • excess skin removed
  • turbine like dressing applied after surgery and removed the following morning

Recovery Time

  • in most cases, 5 days to be able to return to work and social activities

Recovery Instructions

  • ice compresses for first 48 hours to minimize swelling and bruising
  • no lifting over 10 pounds or straining for first week
  • sleep with head elevated for two weeks

How Long It Lasts

  • 5 - 7 years in most cases

Ancillary Procedures Commonly Performed In Conjunction With the S-Lift

  • blepharoplasty
  • endoscopic forehead lift
  • laser skin resurfacing
  • chemical peels
  • lip augmentation

The S-lift is essentially a mini facelift. It is designed to treat early laxity in the buccal labial fold and jowl area that is too advanced to be treated simply by a mid facelift procedure alone. The S-lift is associated with minimal discomfort and has an accelerated recovery time. It differs from a face lift in that it does not treat laxity in the neck or the lateral temporal area, but only lacks the in the jowl, buccal labial fold, and malar areas. Because the incisions are hidden in the skin creases, patients are able to resume their normal activity within several days after surgery. For people with early aging changes and an active lifestyle this procedure can be extremely beneficial.

Normally there is a crease or fold that runs between the nose and the mouth called the nasolabial or buccal labial fold. When the fold becomes too deep to the treated with dermal fillers or when the crease extends below the corner of mouth and there is laxity in the jowl area or when one feels they have a sad or tired appearance to the face, that is the time that an S-lift can be advantageous.

With an S-lift, the procedure is usually performed under "twilight" anesthesia. A small incision is made in this increase in front of ear and curved around the earlobe. Dissolvable sutures are used to close the skin incisions. Small clips may be used at the hairline area. A turbanlike dressing is applied and remove the next morning. Patient usually resumed normal social and work activities five to seven days following surgery. This procedure is calmly performed in combination with lip augmentation, blepharoplasty and nasal surgery.